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Thursday Development School 

Our Thursday Development School runs in association with Walthamstow Academy every Thursday evening from 5:30-7pm.


Sessions allow players to improve their technical and tactical understanding of the game through enjoyable game related drills and matches.

Due to the ability for players to make decisions for them self throughout our sessions enables them to become a player that is not only skilful but intelligent as well.

Players and pushed not only mentally but physically at LFYD by the specialised sessions delivered by our coaches helping players to develop an understanding of the use and importance of their body in football.

The high level of enjoyment that players gain from the soccer school enables them to make friends and develop as people while they train at LFYD.

Our Thursday Development School uses the FA's 4 corner model Technical/Tactical, Psychological, Physical and Social  to ensure that young players develop in a rounded way so they get the highest level of enjoyment out of football.



Tony Murphy

Head of Development

Dean Everett


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